Title: The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

Name on MOC Card: Use Submitter's Name
Team Build Names: None

On November 10th, 1975, the Edmund Fitzgerald (“Big Fitz”) – a freighter, sank suddenly in a storm on Lake Superior with the loss of all 29 sailors. At 729 feet in length, she remains the largest vessel to ever sink on the Great Lakes. She was found in two pieces – half of her landing right side up; the other half upside down. While theories persist as to how she sank, there is universal agreement that her end came quickly. So quickly in fact that no distress signal was sent by her Master, Captain Ernest McSorley, who had earlier reported that she was taking on water, had suffered a severe list and had lost several pieces of topside gear. This MOC memorializes the Fitzgerald’s last sailing, immortalized in the 1976 pop culture hit song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, by Gordon Lightfoot.

Pop Culture (incl Superhero)
AC Power Drop Required: No, this MOC does not need an AC power drop.
Height: 26
Depth: 48
Width: 136