Title: The Lego Death Star Hangar Bay #1

Name on MOC Card: Use Submitter's Name
Team Build Names: None

So what I have here is a LEGO Death Star hanger so what you see. Here is a big hanger that has a 4 Tie fighter and just the 1 bomber is going to take off in the runway with red lighting that’s go forward and also I have here is an imperial shuttle for Darth Vader aircraft. And then I have here is a tiny little transport that carry Tie fighter pilots to take them to there aircraft and there is a 10 stormtroopers and. 3 Imperial droids and if you look to the other side there is a stairs and imperial meeting and there is 12 droids. And stormtroopers and also a couple of imperial officers on the control bridge and the holocrine map table and 1 Darth Vader and if you look inside you’ll see a 1 droid and on the our side you’ll see the one officer and on that same area you’ll see a battle of stormtroopers and if you see the inside the hall way you will see Luke Skywalker, Han, Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO R2-D2 and Ben Kenobi is using his mind trick to ask the stormtrooper to ask the our stormtrooper to get their uniform to give them to Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo to find their way out and if you look in front you will see the cafeteria with a couple of chef, and a table and if you look next to it you’ll see the beds and if you look on the 2nd level you will see the battlefront figures and the red guard and you will see droids on top on the hall way

Star Wars
AC Power Drop Required: Yes, this MOC needs an AC power drop.
Height: 48
Depth: 79
Width: 228