Does the Parent's Registration cover their minor as well?

No. Every attendee must be fully registered under their own account with a unique email address. The registrations do not have to be of the same type but both parent and moinor(s) must be registered seperately.

Why do I have to provide a unique email for every registration?

Our system tracks attendees by the accounts attached to their email addresses. This includes items such as MOC registration, Game sign-up, giveways, and a number of other items.

Where can I get an email address for registration?

Our system accepts any valid email address including those from free providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Check-In/Registration, Information, Lost & Found Desk & Sales

Upon arrival, this is where you will get your badge, engraved bricks, MOC cards, goodie bag, and this
program! The registration desk is also where we ask you turn in lost items. We are also selling a limited
number of Bricks Cascade T-shirts and memorabilia here. The desk will be staffed at (almost) all times
with knowledgeable, courteous staff here to help with your Bricks Cascade experience.

How do I vote for Best in Show?

Please vote for Best in Show for what you believe to be the best creation at the event. Log into your
account on to place your vote.
Go to “My Votes” under the “My Stuff” menu once logged in.

Why do we have badges?

Please wear your badge at all times so it is easily visible. This will identify you as a convention attendee
and get you into the hall whenever it is open. Scanning your badge at event meetings will enter you in
prize drawings. Please be aware security will not let you into the exhibit hall without a badge.

What is your policy with minors?

Bricks Cascade is a convention intended for adults. Persons under 18 years of age are allowed to register
and attend, provided they are accompanied and supervised by a registered adult attendee. Children
under 10 years of age are not allowed to be registered attendees. Minors must be accompanied at all
times by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians are responsible for the conduct of their child(ren),
and may be asked to leave if they are disruptive. We want everyone to have a good time, so please make
sure your children are behaving in a respectful and considerate

What are MOCs?

My Own Creations. These are all the amazing creations builders bring to the convention to share with the
public. Work with your theme coordinator for MOC placement if your MOC is unusually large, otherwise
there is generally plenty of space for MOC placement. It may be necessary for the theme coordinator to
move MOCs during set up, so please communicate with them if your MOC is extraordinarily fragile or
should not be moved. All MOCs should be registered and have a printed MOC card when on display.

What are the general conduct expectations?

The purpose of Bricks Cascade is to have fun and interact with other builders. We expect everyone to
conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and considerate of others. Attendees may be asked to
leave if their behavior is disruptive.

What about selling & trading?

Only registered vendors are allowed to buy, sell, or trade with the public. Bricks Cascade attendees are
welcome to sell and trade amongst themselves as fellow LEGO® enthusiasts. We have created blocked
time and locations in the schedule (Garage Sale and Swag Swap) to help facilitate attendee trading and
ask it not occur in the hall during public hours.

How do I register for games?

Bricks Cascade has Games Registration online! Please check at Registration for what games you’re
scheduled to play. Game assignments were made on preferences and available slots.
If you were unable to sign up but want to play, your best shot is to arrive early as a stand-by player.
Stand-by players will be assigned slots if registered players do not attend. Stand-by is on a first
come—first served basis.

What events can I expect at the convention?

Opening Ceremonies
Official welcome and introduction to 2022 Bricks Cascade. We’ll be giving away prizes, outline activities
for the weekend, go over conduct, and introduce the Bricks Cascade staff.
Unfortunately, because of COVID and the priority of safety for our attendees, we are sad to say we will
not be offering a meal Thursday evening.

Evening Meeting
We will be giving away more prizes and talk about the Bricks Cascade experience.

Friends & Family Entrance
This is an opportunity for you to invite a handful of your friends and family to see Bricks Cascade without
the crowds of the public Expo. A badge-wearing attendee must accompany guests at all times. All guests
will need to receive a wristband after checking their vaccine or negative test status at registration.

Garage Sale
This is an opportunity for attendees to sell or trade to one another. Bring old kits or parts from home, or
trade some of your swag from your swag bag or prizes.

Attendee Lounge
This space is reserved for attendees to escape from the public or hang out if they need a break. We also
ask that you eat lunch here instead of in the hall during public hours.

Awards Ceremony
Awards presentation to recognize the amazing builds in each theme. See
convention/themes/ for a list of awarded trophies.

Dim Lights Display
Have a MOC that lights up? We’ll turn down the lights and let those MOCs shine! See lighted MOCs in
their full glory.

Bricks Cascade After Dark
Our third annual adults-only evening event. The agenda includes games and activities for some good
(clean?) fun!

Swag Swap
This is an opportunity for attendees to sell or trade to one another. Bring old kits or parts from home, or
trade some of your swag from your swag bag or prizes.

Closing Ceremonies & Group Photo
Take a break from tear-down to join us for closing ceremonies. Agenda includes announcing People’s
Choice and Best in Show, the theme for Bricks Cascade 2023, and parting comments. Additionally, bring
your sig fig for a group photo to commemorate everyone who made this an amazing event!

Can I record the event?

You are welcome to take videos and photos of the event. Please share your pictures with our flicker
Bricks Cascade guests consent to the use of their likeness (and that of their creations) used in
photography, video, or other media without compensation or liability of any kind.

Trademarks & Legal stuff

Bricks Cascade and the Bricks Cascade Logo are a trademark of Bricklandia. We are not affiliated with
LEGO. LEGO®, the LEGO® logo, DUPLO®, MINDSTORMS®, LEGOLAND®, the Brick and Knob
configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO® Group.
Bricks Cascade is not liable for theft, loss, or damage of personal property.