Is there any insurance to cover your MOCs at the convention, or do we package all our MOCS up every evening before leaving?

No, there is no insurance provided by Bricks Cascade, and we do not allow you to package up your MOC’s every evening when you leave as this could be a guise for theft of MOCs. This is a good question for first time attendees, as they usually have concerns for safety of their MOCs. These conventions are well attended by people who come to them regularly. They are a community of friends who watch and care for their friend’s items as well as new attendees. In this fashion they would quickly come together to finger any suspicious individuals. And to date, there has never been any full blown MOCs stolen from any LEGO convention. There are occasions where MOCs are broken and minor pieces lost, and two pieces of train track are gathered into the wrong persons pile, but these are incidental cases. By far the rule is that misplaced items are always returned to their owner.
However, you should know to bring your MOC’s at your own risk, or not bring them at the risk of never learning the friendships which care for your items as much as you.