These are intended for individuals attending the Public Exposition on Saturday or Sunday March 24 and 25.

Who should attend?

The Bricks Cascade Public Exhibition is intended for people of all ages.  Children and adults alike are welcome to attend.

What is the difference between attending the exposition and attending the convention?
Exposition attendees are meant to come enjoy viewing the event for a single day. Convention attendees typically bring Lego creations to display and attend the full four day event of presentations, games, and AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) community interaction.

Can kinds play with the creations?

Unfortunately, no.  We ask that public attendees to not touch any of the creations behind stanchions.  Many of these creations are very delicate and not intended for play durability.

What fun things are there to do?

  • View the creations brought by our builders
  • Talk to the builders; they always love answering questions about their creations
  • The Wall of Creation: Build on this wall and leave your mark on the convention
  • Duplo Play Area: We have a 20 foot by 50 foot area of Duplo bricks for kids to build with (sorry, all brick has to stay at the convention)
  • System Play Area: We have a dedicate space with loose brick where kids can build their own creations and display them for people to see (sorry, all brick has to stay at the convention)
  • Kid Zone: Need a break? Give the kinds a few minutes to sit and color
  • Derby Track: Build a Lego derby car and race it
  • Photo Ops: We have multiple photo opportunities with interactive Lego displays
  • Vendors: We have dozens of vendors selling Lego kits, loose brick, and customized parts

Please Contact Us with any additional questions.




These are intended for individuals registered to attend the four day Private Convention Thursday through Sunday March 22 and 25.

Who should attend?

Bricks Cascade is a Convention intended for adults. Persons aged 14 to 17 are allowed to register and attend provided they are accompanied and supervised by an adult, who also registers and attends. Any exceptions will be made at the discretion of the event organizers.  Only registered attendees may attend convention events.

What is an AFOL?

AFOL stands for “Adult Fan of LEGO”. On this website it is the distinction between a Convention Attendee and a Exposition Attendee. AFOLs are the groups of people who normally attend these events as Convention Attendees

I’m almost 18. Do I still need a parent or guardian to register and attend with me?

Yes. All registered minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis with Committee approval.  Because of the adult nature of the convention, children under 14 are not encouraged to attend the Convention.

What is the difference between attending the exposition and attending the convention?
Convention attendees represent their LEGO creations that are displayed for purpose of the exposition. Convention attendees are requested to attend the full weekend of community building events and sharing their interest in building with the LEGO medium. Exposition attendees are meant to come enjoy viewing the event, for a single day.

I’m bringing a MOC (My Own Creation). Do I need to bring it in at a specific time on Thursday or Friday?

No.  We are open on Thursday and Friday for set up, so show up any time that’s convenient.  Beware that convention activities begin Thursday afternoon, so check the Convention Schedule to make sure you don’t miss something.

Where should I place my creation?

When registering your MOC online, you’ll indicate what theme it will be placed in.  Use the map to locate that theme and set up there.  Generally, there is plenty of space for everyone and everything, but if you have any specific concerns please contact us.

Do I have to bring MOCs?

No. We certainly love to see everyone’s creations and encourage it, but bringing a MOC is not a requirement.

Do I have to be at the Public Exhibition with my models the whole time?

No. There are too many fun things to do.  We try to provide policing coverage during the convention and ask that everyone help keep and eye on things.  During the public exhibition hours, we encourage builders to be by their creations to interact with the public if they’re comfortable with that.

Should I bring only finished models or can I bring bricks to build with while there?

Both. There will be some space within the Convention Hall to build while visiting with the other attendees. There will be table space in front of the concessions for all to use. But this space will have moments when games or public attendance will require that you not build during those times. Also, it is very common that people bring bricks to trade.

Will there be contests and will I have to pay extra to be in them?

There will be games/contests; you won’t need to pay to play. For a few activities, you will need to bring items to participate. Most building contests will have necessary items provided. Please see the schedule for the list of games and their times.

I could not get a vendor table. Can I still sell at Bricks Cascade?

If you are a registered attendee and are willing to sell (or trade) only to other AFOLs – not to the public – and outside public hours or away from the public space, you are welcome to bring your wares to sell or trade. We have dedicated time on Thursday for people to sell in the “Garage Sale” and on Saturday to trade at the “Minifig Swap Meet”

My family want to attend the public Exhibition. Do I need to order a public ticket for them?

We have time reserved on Friday evening for convention members to bring in their close friends and family for a private viewing of the creations.  If your family is not able to attend at that time, we have a number of tickets that will allow them to attend during the public Exhibition without the need to purchase a ticket.  Please ask at the Registration Desk.

What can I do to be a sponsor at Bricks Cascade?

If you’d like to help BricksCascade with a sponsorship, please contact us to let us know what you’d like to do.

What about just helping out?

Please contact our volunteer coordinator through our website.  We always need help with monitoring some of the public activities, setting up stanchions, handing out materials to the public, and running games.

Please Contact Us with any additional questions and review our Terms & Conditions page.