Public Exposition

Let’s be honest, the main reason most visitors come to the Public Exposition is to see the amazing LEGO® creations which are built by Builders’ Convention participants and are on display for everyone to enjoy. The builders of these creations range in age from single digits to… um, older… as can be seen in the diversity of their builds. They dig deep in their imaginations and build incredible representations that span many themes, movies, pop culture topics, superheroes, vehicles, contraptions, and of course, SPACESHIPS! All this is laid out on the tables like a Lego feast for your eyes and imagination. Visitors even have the opportunity to vote on their favorite creation, and the People’s Choice winner is given special recognition at the closing ceremonies of the Builders’ Convention.

One of the activities that is available once again for the younger ones is the DUPLO® building area. Thousands of DUPLO® building blocks and parts are poured out in a controlled area and children are welcome to build to their hearts’ content. This is an exceptional environment that serves as an outlet for imaginations, social interaction, collaborative building and sharing. The common love of LEGO® is repeatedly the catalyst for discussions, laughter, and amazement at what is produced.

No event would be complete without vendors selling their wares, and rest assured we have many of them! All vendors will be offering LEGO®-themed products for the whole family, including special and hard-to-find parts, Minifigs and accessories, custom sets, classic and modern kits, books, t-shirts, jewelry, and much more. Did you know you can get earrings, necklaces and even an engagement ring made with LEGO®? You’re welcome, ladies!